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Fortune Favours the BOLD

The inspiration and motivation of the MONEY MINDED PROGRAM

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1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of danger; courageous.

2. requiring courage and daring:

3. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; inventive or imaginative:

International Women’s Day 2017 is upon us and the theme this year has hit home with a positive bang. As women, we need to be bold for change because fortune favours the bold.

Are you Bold, Courageous and Strong?

Many will answer yes and for those who answered no, don’t despair because we all have limitations. The good news is, that they can be broken if you have a desire for change and personal development.

Mayo Angelou said

‘We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated’

Why BOLD for Change

2017 has seen a massive swing towards female leadership. In case you haven’t noticed we currently have a female: -

  • Prime Minister
  • Home Secretary
  • Commissioner of Police (MPS)

Since 2010 the growth of women in business has grown at a rate faster than men and this is set to rise as more and more women search for lifestyle occupations that work around their home and family commitments. This phenomenal shift in the attitudes and success of women are encouraging however I must put a BUT in the equation.

The increase has caused a problem, a problem in the service industry, the same industry that is set to solve the issues of business owners. They have predominately spoken to men to provide solutions and even though those solutions may be suitable for women they have an issue in relating and adapting to the needs of women in business.

Women think, act and work differently to men. The fear factors are different, the limitations are different and the success points are different not because of anything abnormal but because of the normal. This year #BeBoldforChange sends a clear statement and fits with my efforts around the financial capability of women in and out of business.

The solution is right here because your financial capability is my business.

Your next steps to financial freedom

To find out more BOOK here this could be your next step to financial freedom! #BeBOLD

If you are a woman aged 30-65 running your own business or looking to take your project to the next level but struggling to: -

  • Get to grips with your day to day spending
  • Understand the many financial products available to you
  • Protect your family and income
  • Maximise your saving balances
  • Get a structure that supports your business

Women require support at different levels at different times all too often women shy away from the topic of financial management. I’m here to embed the power because NOW is the time to be BOLD for CHANGE.

The Money Minded Program

The Money Minded program is set to help you feel;

  • that your financial awareness and capability has lifted
  • like you have obtained the support you need to put you and your business on the right path
  • Able to start a business without fear of financial planning and management

Be Bold and Book today!

If you are serious about your financial future, why not join us on the Bold for Change Money Minded Program starting April 2017.

We are holding discovery sessions throughout March for those READY for BOLD change in their financial future.

Register your interest for the program HERE.


 “2017 is the year that we change the abilities, mind-sets and visions of women with and in finance. The year that A G Finance HUB will EMPOWER, INSPIRE and STRATERGISE

women to success.

Success awaits your commitment!

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