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    1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of danger; courageous.

    2. requiring courage and daring:

    3. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; inventive or imaginative:




    Be bold & book today

    If you are serious about your financial future, why not join us on the Bold for Change Money Minded Program starting April 2017.

    We are holding discovery sessions throughout March for those READY for BOLD change in their financial future.

    International Women's Day

    Inspired theme

    The theme this year has hit home with a positive bang.

    As women, we need to be bold for change.


    Are you Bold, Courageous and Strong?

  • Why BOLD for Change


    “2017 is the year that we change the abilities, mind-sets and visions of women with and in finance.

    The year that A G Finance HUB will EMPOWER, INSPIRE and STRATERGISE women to success."

  • High Tea & Higher Goals

    Experience an afternoon of delight in the company of some Amazing Women


    A useful workshop for women aged 25+ with an ambition and a passion they would like to achieve in 2016. Aleka Gutzmore will offer a creative way of processing your thoughts & ideas. Allowing you to express your desires in an effective manner that allows you to create a circle of success. She will share her blueprint process of creating a life plan, one that creates order. Aleka has added a helpful financial strategy to help you create an obstacle free mind-set.

    A Sneak Peek...

    Stop, Look, Listen

    What do Amazing Women do when they get together?

    We have FUN!

    What will you get for your money!



    It's Naughty but very Nice a little indulgence never hurt anyone, least of all you.



    Every event has a theme, one with meaning and motivation for you to aim high.



    We want to embrace each other creating a friendly, warm, or informal atmosphere.


    Join in the fun and experience the Love, Laughter and Learning.


  • What to Expect!


    Appreciated, Inspired & Motivated

    Treat Yourself!

    I've heard it said...


    "women spend more money on what they put on there head, than what goes inside their head"


    It is my mission to change money conversations from a taboo to a 'To do'

    Discover, Explore and Learn at a pace comfortable to yourself.

    Served with Bubbly...

    Top Plate
    Mini tea macaroons,
    Luxury Cupcakes & many sweet treats.


    Middle Plate
    Traditional tea sandwiches, to include Scottish smoked salmon with Philadelphia served on bagel


    Bottom Plate
    Something Fruity and Sweet Festive Mince Pie

    Past Events...

    Our stories can heal a nation. 2016 is the year of love and we plan to share alot of it.


    FLY - First Love Yourself

    Saturday 27th Feb 2016

    3pm - 6.30pm

    Hilton Hotel - Islington

  • Past themes and Topics

    A Day of Purpose 'NIA' - Together we will get your finances in-line for greatness!

    Friday 30th Dec 2016 3pm to 6pm Kwanzaa Special - A Day of NIA

    "To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness"

    On day five of the Kwanzaa tradition we ask ourselves WHY? Why are we here? What do we have to give? 2017 is the year we begin to live 'On Purpose' with clarity, order and understanding of our work and the building of ourselves to a point of greatness

  • An alliance of strong, ambitious and determined women working together in a safe and supportive environment to nurture each other’s goals and dreams.

    Providing a platform for each and every woman to grow and release her 'Inner Gem'

    Discover the DEVELOPMENT that takes place

    The HOW and WHEN we become AMAZING

  • Meet the Team

    We believe that every woman is amazing and needs a platform to grow emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. We Are Amazing Women provides that platform to grow each and every woman, and encourage her to release her inner gem and become the woman she strives to be. Our values, principles and overall commitment to life as women needs to be embraced and celebrated daily.


    Focus and support are always top of our agenda ensuring we work together on the dos, strategizing individual growth and self-improvement, developing plans and visions for the future and ensuring everyone remains motivated.

    Aleka Gutzmore

    Aleka brings over a decades’ business experience and a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm which guarantees something new and dynamic to offer women that want to succeed.

    As well as a successful career in banking and financial services, Aleka has dedicated herself to knowledge sharing and networking. She is a passionate and highly motivated speaker, a dedicated blogger and ensures that her time is spent encouraging others to succeed.

  • Connect With Us

    May we know them, May we be them, May we rise them.


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